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Maddie Hughey

Maddie Hughey, Print Editor

Maddie Hughey is the print editor for the 2016-2017 school year after having been campus co-editor, on-call writer and staff writer in years past. She is a junior from the south of France and sometimes the southwest of Michigan, double-majoring in classical studies and environmental studies — and no, she will not tell you about the climate in ancient Rome. Maddie can most often be found reading anything and everything thereby conveniently forgetting about homework or riding horses with the Calvin Equestrian Club (yes, it actually exists). If she ever grows up, she hopes to move out west and have grand adventures. She would also like to point out that she enjoys things like faculty senate and administrative committees so much more than Josh. She is the original #facsen hipster.

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Maaike Mudde, Kendra Larsen and Kaitlyn Farris laugh as they roast marshmallows over a burner. Photo credit  Suzanne Melin.

The garden house

April 28, 2017


September 30, 2016
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