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Airband legacy to continue after restructuring

Photo courtesy Airband

Contrary to the rumors swirling around campus, Airband is not cancelled. It is alive and well, though slightly changed, after being restructured due to the lack of acts.

“We all of a sudden had a couple teams drop and we just didn’t know what to do,” said Airband committee member Megan Jenkins. “We had the conversation [about canceling], but we wanted to look for ways to keep the program going without canceling the show.”

Moving the show from the Hoogenboom gymnasium to the Covenant Fine Arts Center (CFAC) was the first of many changes, brainstormed last night between the Airband committee and the members of the four acts who had signed up.

“We’ve had to think up some new ideas for the show,” said senior Joel Altena.

Jenkins agreed: “The show is going to feel very different.”

The four 10-minute acts that remain will still go on as the main part of the show, but six to eight short “flash” acts, lasting around three minutes each, will open the performance. After the main acts, a lip sync battle a la Jimmy Fallon will ensue.

“We will pass around a bucket and we will draw some names,” said Jenkins. Then, the participants will compete in a 30- to 60-second lip sync battle until a winner is determined.

The move from the Fieldhouse to the CFAC sparked rumors that the show was canceled, which was confirmed by JB Britton, associate dean of student involvement and leadership, on Tuesday.

“It’s been 26 years of Airband so it is quite a legacy of events,” he said. “I hope it isn’t dead, that it’s just going to take a year off.”

“The show wasn’t going to happen in the Fieldhouse anymore so ushers were canceled for the show,” said Altena. “But then the people who were ushers were saying, ‘Oh, I was supposed to work for Airband but they canceled.’ So people started saying that the whole thing was cancelled, when really all we did was change the venue to the CFAC.”

The move to the CFAC comes with some perks, including the reintroduction of a post-show dance party.

“There’s a DJ scheduled for after,” confirmed Altena.

Though excited, the Airband committee is also nervous for the coming changes to the show.

“I would see this as a cautious step forward,” said Jenkins. “Hopefully people think it is cool and fun. I want the teams to have fun and I want the audience to enjoy themselves. I want to make sure that connection is happening that will encourage people to be in Airband for the future.”

Jenkins continued, “We would like to see more of a presence of the audience on social media. The audience is a huge participant.”

The performers have all been supportive of the change.

“Through the change of venue and stuff, it’s been really cool to see the Airband teams come together and say that they still want to put the show on,” said Altena.

“I was so proud that everyone said they would do anything to make this show happen,” Jenkins said. “The teams are great and the show should be, too.”

Airband will take place on February 14 at 8:30 p.m. in the CFAC.

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