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Chimes seeks to promote dialogue among members of the Calvin College community.  We encourage readers to voice their opinions by commenting on material and participating in discussions.

However, there are guidelines governing comments. The Chimes editorial staff reserves the right to remove any comments that contain the following material:

  • Language that disrespects or abuses anyone on the basis of race, sex, orientation, religion, or other diversity
  • Ad-hominem attacks
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The Chimes editorial staff reserves the right to remove any comment and to revoke the permissions of any reader to comment. Opinions expressed in comments are not necessarily the position of Chimes or of Calvin College. No information included in comments has been verified by Chimes staff. In posting a comment online, the reader gives Chimes the right to reproduce the comment and author’s name online and/or in print.

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 Comments are not reviewed by Chimes staff before posting.  Readers are encouraged to contact Chimes editors at [email protected] if they notice a user is in violation of any of the commenting guidelines.