Calvin University's official student newspaper since 1907

Calvin University Chimes

Since 1907
Calvin University's official student newspaper since 1907

Calvin University Chimes

Calvin University's official student newspaper since 1907

Calvin University Chimes


Chimes is Calvin University’s official and only student newspaper. In print since 1907, the paper started as a literary magazine. Beginning in the 1940s, Chimes became a weekly print newspaper. In 2014, Chimes went online, and has since established multiple social media presences and created a podcast. Throughout the years, Chimes has maintained a core commitment to accurate and quality journalism that serves the Calvin community. 

Chimes’ updated mission statement (endorsed in 2022 by the student publications committee, student senate and faculty senate) is the following: 

​​Chimes is the official student newspaper of Calvin University. We report the news and opinions of the Calvin community while fostering dialogue, promoting accountability, and providing practical learning experiences. Chimes gives students the opportunity to learn journalistic excellence and to exercise journalistic freedom in a campus setting.

If you are interested in supporting student journalism at Calvin, you can give here.

Further FAQs about Chimes and the spring 2024 giving campaign are answered below.



How is Chimes funded?

Chimes is funded by the Student Life division at Calvin, advertising revenue and an endowment fund. The endowment fund is still in the process of being built, with the goal of ultimately being able to support the head editor roles for both Chimes and Calvin’s literary magazine, Dialogue. You can support that endowment here.

What is the 2024 campaign?

A donor has recently pledged $50k in matching funds for a 2024 campaign aimed at building the student publications’ endowment. It’s the single largest gift our student publications have ever received, and the community has three weeks to maximize it. Donated money will continue to build the endowment, which helps ensure long-term sustainability and some measure of independence from the institution itself. The endowment draw goes directly to supporting student wages; this is important for promoting diversity in leadership at our student publications. 

Types of stories

Chimes publishes reported news, opinions and editorials, culture pieces and letters to the editor. Reported news can be found on the C&C, Sports, Sci-Tech, Features and Religion pages. These are factual, objective stories written by well-trained staff writers. 

Opinions and editorials, culture pieces and letters to the editor can all be found on the Culture page. These stories are not news and are typically subjective. They may not represent the opinions of Chimes staff. Opinions and editorials are written by Calvin community members and address topics relevant to the community from a specific angle. They typically represent only one of a range of possible opinions on a topic. Letters to the editor are submitted to Chimes in response to a specific story. Like opinions and editorials, they reflect one community member’s opinion or perspective. Culture pieces are stories on lifestyle and well-being topics that, though sourced, are not the same as reported news and may include subjective stances of the author.

Who writes Chimes?

Chimes’ reported news content is reported, written and edited by Calvin students. These students learn and practice journalistic best practices and are trained to prioritize accuracy, respect, fairness and equity.

Chimes has a faculty advisor who provides guidance, support and training to Chimes staff. However, the advisor does not have any prior review of content. Chimes’ current faculty advisor is Jesse Holcomb, a journalism and communications professor who has previously worked at the Columbia University Journalism School, Pew Research Center, The George Washington University and the Public Interest Network. Holcomb is an accomplished journalist and scholar with many publications.

Chimes is overseen by the Student Publications Committee. The SPC is made up of faculty, students, administrators and alumni and serves as Chimes’ publisher.

Chimes affirms the model of ethics set by the Associated Collegiate Press. Chimes expects and requires every member of its staff to act with integrity. 

Who reads and edits Chimes prior to publication?

There is absolutely no prior review (editing, cutting, adding, reading, etc.) of Chimes content by non-students. Student editors are the only reviewers of Chimes content prior to publication.

This independence is unique among student news outlets at Christian colleges and universities and provides an opportunity for students to lead and participate in a real-world newsroom experience while still in school. Students take their responsibility as stewards of this independence seriously and editors are carefully selected by the SPC.

What are Chimes’ standards for publication of op-eds and letters to the editor?

Chimes is committed to being a forum for dialogue within and about the Calvin community. 

Chimes publishes opinions of Calvin faculty, staff, administrators, students and community members that are well-argued, relevant and respectful of others. Chimes does not publish content deemed hateful, gratuitously inflammatory or misinformative, and reserves the right to not publish any opinion piece. Chimes does not print hate speech.

Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Chimes staff.

Chimes publishes letters to the editor that are well-reasoned, relevant and respectful of others. Chimes does not publish letters to the editor that do not directly address recent Chimes content or letters that are deemed hateful, gratuitously inflammatory or misinformative. Chimes reserves the right to not publish any letter to the editor.

Chimes edits opinions and letters to the editor in consultation with the authors for clarity, style and accuracy.

What is Chimes’ commenting policy?

Chimes’ comment policy can be found here.

What is Chimes’ advertising policy?

Chimes does not feature advertising for alcohol. Chimes’ primary audience in print is Calvin students, so print ads should be informative and/or useful to that audience. Chimes does not print hate speech. Chimes reserves the right to final editorial discretion on all advertising content. Interested in advertising? Contact Ad Sales Manager Ethan Wilstermann at [email protected]!