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‘Food with Faculty’ hopes to forge new professor-student relationships

Photo by Alden Hartopo

On Friday, Oct. 10, students will have the opportunity to participate in a Food With Faculty gathering hosted by a professor or staff member. Most of the events cost only five dollars, but the cost can go up to $15. Faculty hosts pay for their events out of pocket, and all the additional proceeds will go to the Community Care Fund and the Kid’s Food Basket.

Each event includes a meal and an activity, such as a photo shoot in the nature preserve or a fall harvest dinner or burgers and beach volleyball. There are a variety of options ranging from an Italian-themed dinner to a BBQ tailgate. Many of the events offer games such as Catchphrase or Yahtzee, while more adventurous students can hike the sand dunes after a dinner on the beach in Muskegon or head downtown to ArtPrize after eating at a pizzeria.

This event, unlike those that take place on Commons Lawn or in the Fieldhouse, appeals especially to upperclassman, such as junior Ansley Kelly:

“I was excited to get off campus. It’s always nice to do something in someone’s home instead of in an apartment or in a dorm room and to get to know professors and others students better.”

The event began this year as a continuation of the “take your professor to lunch” initiative started by student senate. “It’s the first time we’ve done it,” said weekend programming intern Mallory Brouwer. “Getting the base of it and getting the word out is something that takes a lot of time.”

The faculty member that is hosting each event is kept a secret.

“We did that intentionally,” said Brouwer, “It was mainly to add to the mystery factor, like, ‘who are you dining with?’ And it kind of encourages students to potentially end up with professors that they may not necessarily interact with.”

Brouwer hopes that students will build community and widen their circle of influence, getting acquainted with people in other departments.

“We hope, for the students, that they get a sense that professors are people too, and that they are there to utilize and connect with and get to know,” she said, adding, “Not necessarily only the professors in your department.”

The benefits won’t solely be on the students’ side.

“For professors, we’re hoping that they get a sense of connection with the Calvin community and an understanding of the students, and more of a sense that they can invest here at Calvin–more so than just their classes that they’re teaching,” Brouwer said.

Due to its novelty, many students are unaware of the events taking place.

“I think it would grow in the future,” said Kelly. “I think this year, people have been a little confused as to what exactly it is and what it means but I think that if [Buck Fridays] was to do this consistently it would become a popular event.”

Like Kelly, Brouwer hopes the event will expand and grow in popularity over the years. “We hope it sets a base for what this could be in the f

uture,” she said. “We hope that it can become something that’s more of a tradition. Like every year we have this, and as the years progress more and more professors and students get involved.”

Apart from the connections that could be forged and the camaraderie, the entertainment factor appeals to students. Kelly concluded:

“It sounded like a fun way to spend a Friday night.”

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