Students, faculty react to new

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As Calvin’s outward-facing image continues to receive updates, got a new front page, complete with a looping video and quick links for prospective students.

Faculty and students are reacting to the changes. Reactions have come from faculty in part through the unofficial interdepartmental Calvin Matters email chain.

A Communications and Marketing employee fielded concerns from faculty, ranging from the overall presentation of Calvin’s mission, to the temporary absence of certain buildings such as Hiemenga Hall from the site’s “Where You Learn” section.

Many students were pleased with the changes.

“I love it. I like that it’s a more active page,” said junior Noah Schumerth. “That draws you in… I found it much easier to find links I needed.”  

“It’s really appealing for students who are not at Calvin yet,” said junior Edgar Aguilar, who added concern that the automatically playing video could be an obstacle for access from areas with slow internet speeds.

Senior Averie Wright, however, expressed disappointment at the site’s apparent focus on users outside the college.

“I feel like a lot of it is not for us, like it’s more of an advertisement,” he said. However, he also believes the move away from Portal was an improvement.

The site will continue to see additions, including a more complete listing of campus buildings as high quality photos become available.

The redesign team is accepting feedback on the page explaining the site renovation. Find it here: