Calvin alum starts business supporting senior citizens


Along with fellow Calvin alumnus Zach Zwart, Lance VanTine (above) started PEACE of Mind, a medical advocate service for senior citizens. Photo courtesy Lance VanTine.

Recent Calvin alum, Lance VanTine, is now the founder of the up-and-coming business known as PEACE of Mind. PEACE of Mind is a Medical Advocate Service for senior citizens, picking them up from their house and taking them to different appointments. The service also provides a Registered Nurse that sits in on various appointments and takes notes to keep the clients’ loved ones informed.

VanTine has wanted to be an entrepreneur since his sophomore year of high school. He previously worked for several companies and saw unfairness and inequality in the way employees within these businesses were treated. It was this exposure that  motivated him to create a business in which all people were appreciated and treated with kindness.

“I wanted to develop a culture of Christ-like values where those working for me could extend that to our clientele,” VanTine shared.

The business idea behind PEACE of Mind has been developing for some time. VanTine shared on the amount of work that went into the development of the idea:

“The idea behind PEACE of Mind was developed after 6 years of fervent prayer and took two and a half years until it was launched. The beginning stages were done with one of my colleagues, Luke White, during my junior year. I then furthered the process by taking it to my entrepreneurship class with Peter Snyder my first semester of senior year. Myself and four other classmates worked on it for the entire semester.”

VanTine, dedicated to his future business, took the PEACE of Mind idea to competitions, where he won startup money to get his goal even closer to becoming a reality. Two of these competitions included the MWest Challenge and the ACU Startup Challenge.

While VanTine had the idea and the developmental process down, he was praying for a partner in the business. He had been developing businesses all through high school and college, but always had trouble finding the right person to go through it with him. That’s when he found Zach Zwart. Like VanTine, Zwart had been praying about being “a part of a service directed that helps others”. VanTine and Zwart began to work together soon after realizing their shared values.

Being a Calvin alum has really set VanTine apart from other entrepreneurs. He not only gained skills within the world of business, but also within the world of his faith. He credits his  professors for guiding him through learning how to run a successful business as well as having a “shared moral compass and desire to push each business student to be the best they can for Christ in the business realm.”

VanTine credits the Lord for placing him in a position to be apart of PEACE OF MIND. He also values that PEACE of Mind carries significant meaning:

“We are not only offering a service that alleviates a stress that is so prevalent in our day, but we are doing so in a manner that is both personable and caring.”