Letter to the Editor: Alumni call for board chair apology

Almost 50 former staff members of Chimes, including more than a dozen former editors in chief, signed the following letter to the editor:

Dear Editor,
We represent a group of former staff members of Chimes. Thank you for your latest story on recent changes to faculty requirements at Calvin University.
We were disturbed that the chair of the Calvin University Board of Trustees responded by calling your work a “disservice to Calvin.” It is not.
Your work is a service to Calvin University.
The chair of the Calvin University Board of Trustees said your work, particularly the headline, “missed” the story and “misconstrues” the board’s actions. It does not. You demonstrated sound news judgment and reported a significant policy change of which the Calvin community must be informed.
Of course, the university and its board have the right to tell their version of the story. But it is unacceptable for any university official, let alone one with such power, to attack or intimidate students in response to accurate coverage.
This is an era when journalists—and their important redemptive work to speak truth to power and give voice to the voiceless—are under threat. As Reformed Christians, we believe every vocation matters to God.
Student journalism is not a “disservice to Calvin.”
The chair of the Calvin University Board of Trustees should apologize for his response. If his comment represents the formal view of the full board, the Calvin University Board of Trustees also owes Chimes an apology.

Ryan Struyk ‘14, former editor in chief
Abby Zwart ‘13, former editor in chief
Joshua Parks ‘18, former editor in chief
Anna Delph ‘16, former editor in chief
Michelle Hofman ‘19, former editor in chief
Joseph Matheson ‘14, former editor in chief
Beth Heinen Bell ‘03, former editor in chief
Christian Bell ‘03, former editor in chief
Roxanne Van Farowe ‘97, former editor in chief
Patrick Jasperse ‘87, former editor in chief
Erin (Miller) Sommers ‘03, former editor in chief
David LaGrand ‘88, former editor in chief
Nathan VanderKlippe ‘01, former editor in chief
Amy Surbatovich ’11, former editor in chief
Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot ‘08, former editor in chief
Stephen Mulder ’10, former editor in chief
Jon Behm ’11, former managing and sports editor
John Kloosterman ‘13, former managing editor
Maddie Hughey ‘18, former managing editor
Pete Ford ‘20, former managing editor
Justin Pot ‘07, former managing editor
Lauren Stauffer ‘06, former managing editor
Jess Bakker ‘14, former managing and sports editor
John Muyskens ‘15, former print editor
Alden Hartopo ‘15, former print editor
Katerina Parsons ‘15, former online editor
Niala Boodhoo ‘96, former news editor
Mimi Mutesa ‘19, former arts and entertainment editor
Tony Norman ‘84, former feature writer and cartoonist
Abigail Paternoster Punt ‘16, former opinion and editorial editor
Madalyn Buursma ‘19, former features editor
Brandon Schreur ‘18, former arts and entertainment editor
Kathryn Post ‘18, former religion editor
Kyle Rodriguez ‘14, former campus news editor
Rae Gernant ’18, former head copy editor
Phil Christman ‘01, former arts and entertainment editor
Mike Roorda ’05, former sports editor
Cathy Guiles ’03, former head copy editor
Christopher Wenstrom ‘06, former news editor
Adam Petty ‘05, former perspectives editor
Nick Keeley ‘14, former arts and entertainment editor
Carolyn Muyskens ‘17, former local editor
Maria R. Post ‘05, former community news and perspectives editor
Emily Wenstrom, ‘07, former perspectives editor
Grace Ruiter ‘14, former head copy editor and campus news editor
Bethany Cok ‘16, former staff writer
Michael Lentz ‘17, former campus news editor
Hayley Cox ’14, former features co-editor
Nathan Groenewold ‘14, former religion co-editor