Be the change you want to see: Vote Now

Are you upset with our current political state? Are you content with it? Are you sick of polarization in politics? Do you love it? Then you should vote!

Holding political opinions and not exercising your right to vote is like caring about your grades but not studying. You’ve been given the power to change something you care about, and you’re not doing anything. Democracy is dependent upon the participation of the people. Your vote is your voice. It’s one of many, but it’s still yours — use it to effect the change you want to see.

You don’t just have to vote for Trump or Sanders or Biden, either. You can use your voice to say whatever you want — that’s the beauty of democracy. Your candidate doesn’t need to stand a shot at winning for your vote to be meaningful. You’re an adult now, and this is your country, your future. It’s time you speak up.