Knollcrest is the KnollBEST

It was six o’clock and I was studying in the library when my stomach started to rumble. I panicked; I’m not very good at making choices. As I was deciding between Knollcrest and Commons the choice was almost made for me. The heavens opened up and told me to take the long walk to Knoll. 

I can’t eat gluten, and though I could have gotten the gluten-free bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth at Commons, or tried my luck in the hot line, I much prefer seeing the overflowing options that The Zone at Knoll has to offer. I walk there excited each day, anticipating a pile of gluten-free cookies, rice, sunflower butter and cartons of almond milk that are always full. And even outside the allergen-free zone, there is so much to choose from for those with sensitive and strong stomachs alike. 

In addition to the food, I walk in and I feel at home with the dim yellow lights. Those who feel that Commons may say that Knollcrest feels cramped, and run down, I argue that this only adds to the charm of the dining hall. Though sure, the facade isn’t perfect, the carpet may be dated, and the wall colors may be reminiscent of my grandmother’s condo, it is not stark white and sterile. And I would argue that its flaws make it all the more cozy. Some new stuffed animal cannot compare to a well-loved childhood toy, just as the new and improved space cannot compare to Knollcrest. Its warmth and character provoke conversation and connection over a meal shared with friends. 

I once was told a story that illustrates why Knollcrest is, in fact, the superior dining hall. He was enjoying his dinner at Knollcrest when he and his friends realized that one of Kanye’s recent albums was playing on the speakers. Without giving it much attention, he was amused when he heard that it had transitioned into a somewhat explicit interview with the artist. He and his friends had a good laugh imagining the staff scrambling to take over the aux-cord. 

And this is why Knoll is better. It is better because it is real. It is not bland music with bland white walls. It has color, and character, and real people figuring out how to change the radio so as not to scar the freshman. It has a wide variety of food that inspires a wide variety of conversations. And what more could you want then to talk with good people, eat good food and maybe listen to Kanye West.