A final editorial before finals

A final editorial before finals

Finals are upon us and the pressure is on. Stress is high, and time is short. But the end is near. It may only be the end of the fall semester, but at least there will be a long break that includes Christmas. Interim will follow, but the hope is that it will be fun and exciting and will fly by. (If this is not true for you I am sorry you got stuck with one of those classes.) And after interim is over it’ll just be three more months of classes before this school year ends!

I’m probably not making a very good argument for how close we are to the end. But it really isn’t that long if you think about it. Four years of college really isn’t that large of a percentage of your life. Just think back to how quickly high school went by! (If you’re going on to grad school, I’m sorry for you.)

As a senior, I am really beginning to realize just how short of a time I have left at Calvin. And how quickly this past semester really went. At the same time it seems like I have been editor-in-chief for a much longer time than just a semester. The beginning of this semester was filled with so many anxieties and worries about what I should expect from this position and what would be expected of me.

All that worry was for nothing though, because this semester has gone great, new position and all. There have been bumps, but nothing I couldn’t get over.

My point is that despite anxiety and worry time moves on. No matter how long you have left, graduation will come for you. You are doing wonderful things, and you’ll get through this. The Lord has great things planned for you. If you think that those plans will take forever, be patient. Time will move on.