Nike shoe designed after Fish Ladder City Park

Nike and local skateboarding and shoe store Primer recently launched a new shoe design, the Fish Ladder, inspired by Fish Ladder City Park in Grand Rapids. Premier released the shoes on Nov. 14. These limited edition shoes will be available on beginning on Nov. 21.

“I appreciate the fact that Nike has expanded itself to include a place that is close to me,” said junior Rachel Mack.

The toe region, made of suede, is light pink with shiny lines that mimic the exact pattern of salmon. The sides of the shoe are a reflective black color featuring a scaly texture. The solid black tongue and laces tie the shoe design together.

“I think it makes a statement with its bold look,” said first-year student Grace Lusamba.

Fish Ladder Park is a popular place for fishing, skateboarding, walking and running. Salmon swim upstream while skateboarders travel right along them. According to the Premier website, the “process of salmon is shared with the primal instinct of skateboarding.” The shoe brings two local favorite pastimes together: fishing and skateboarding.

Sophomore Luke Chen appreciates that “Nike is trying to make the product more relatable to the local community.”

The Fish Ladder design is available in two shoe styles, the Dunk Low and the Janoski Max. The Dunk Low, known for its low profile and suede overlay look sells for $100.

The Janoski Max, on sale for $110, features additional cushioning, a lightweight sole and extra heel support. Hoodies, hats and t-shirts are available for sale with the same logo.

“Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete the look with a perfect pair. These shoes are perfect because they represent the community,”said sophomore Celmac Hart.

Other limited edition shoes include the Nike “Northern Lights” and the “Petoskey Stone Dunk.”