GRPD makes arrest at campus store

The Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) was called to campus last week to make an arrest in the wake of multiple thefts from the campus store.

“It is an ongoing investigation, but the individual is in custody,” said Bill Corner, director of campus safety.

According to Corner, the campus store notified campus safety last week when an individual, who was recognized from previous incidents, walked into the campus store. Campus safety responded and called GRPD.

“An arrest was made at that time,” said James Potter, assistant director of campus safety. “The rest of it will be handled through the court process.”

According to Potter, campus safety brought in GRPD due to the large volume of thefts and the fact that they had occurred over multiple incidents. The GRPD is not always called to respond to thefts on campus.

“It varies from case to case depending on type of theft and amount stolen. In this case, [the amount is] adding up to over $2000 that we know of. Quite often in retail fraud there is more stolen than what you find out.”

Thefts do occur at the campus store, but Potter noted, “it is very rare for it to happen to this extent.”

According to Corner, it is pretty common for campus book stores to have thefts. Individuals steal textbooks and then sell them online or directly to students at a lower price.

“Theft happens a few times a year here, same as at other stores at other campuses,” said Corner.

The identity of the individual could not be released due to the fact that it is an ongoing investigation. Campus safety declined to comment on whether or not the individual was a Calvin student.