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Didn’t get to see all of the tables at Cokes and Clubs? Get to know some of Calvin’s newly chartered clubs!

Maya Oeverman
On Aug. 31, Cokes and Clubs took place on Commons Lawn, where countless students learned more about Calvin’s many student organizations and clubs.

As a new school year begins, so does the usual hysteria that comes with new classes, new friends, new schedules and new clubs. It can especially be overwhelming for incoming freshmen, who may not have known which table to start at when they visited Cokes and Clubs during the first week of classes. Chimes reached out to recently chartered student clubs and organizations so the student body can learn more about what these organizations are bringing to Calvin’s campus. Several student leaders represented the clubs who participated. 

The leaders and clubs contacted for the Q&A include: Adelaide Mei from American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and Professionals Serving Internationally (PSI), Levi Carr and Geneva Boersema from Amateur Radio Astronomers of Calvin University (ARAC), Yang Yang from Calvin Photography Club, Calvin Cody from Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club, Sydney Hart and Ethan Boelens from Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) and Ethan Slot from YoungLife. 

Disclaimer: The clubs mentioned in this article are not an exhaustive list of all the newly chartered clubs. Chimes was unable to contact several of the clubs, so be sure to stay updated on Student News and Yammer for potential information about activities that other clubs not mentioned in this article may be planning.

Chimes: What’s your club’s mission statement?

We are a group of students who desire to serve Christ internationally and to help others do the same.

AIChE: AIChE is a group of chemical engineering students who aim to foster lifelong professional and personal growth by providing resources to a community of students who desire to pursue chemical engineering both inside and outside of the classroom. 

ARAC: We strive to create a community of learners, explorers and innovators interested in astronomy. We intend to achieve this through informal, student-led “lectures,” nerdy social events and the construction of an operable radio telescope on campus, providing future Calvin students with more tools for astronomical exploration and giving current students a chance to create, question and grow together. 

Calvin Photography Club: To foster creativity, share knowledge and build a supportive community of photographers passionate about capturing life’s moments through the lens.

Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club: The Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club is about providing a fun place for students to learn or grow in their swim and water polo experience. 

PSI: We are a group of students who desire to serve Christ internationally and to help others do the same. We aim to do so through fellowship and prayer and by exploring opportunities and resources.

SCMA: Supply Chain Management Association’s mission is to provide students with opportunities to grow their knowledge of supply chain through targeted experiences, volunteer opportunities and dynamic guest speakers while equipping students to live as Christ’s agents of renewal in an unceasingly complex world.

YoungLife: Our mission is to introduce college students to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith.

Chimes: What made you realize that the Calvin community could benefit from this club?

AIChE: Along with our club president Colton Stonehouse, when we founded the club in March 2022, I realized that every other engineering concentration at Calvin at the time – mechanical, electrical and civil – had a club, but chemical engineering didn’t. When many of us didn’t know what we were getting into freshman year as chemical engineering is a broad field and perhaps more nebulous than the others, having a community of chemical engineers was really important to form connections with other chemical engineering students and professors. 

ARAC: This idea was born out of the observation that there were next to no clubs actively doing science in their spare time. Surely there must be students, inside or outside of the natural sciences, who want the fun of science without the weariness of coursework or the pressure of research. We hope that we are just the beginning of clubs like this at Calvin and that more will develop in time. 

Calvin Photography Club: Calvin University has not had a photography club for a long time. Many students want to find a photography club when they enter their freshman year. The establishment of the photography club met the expectations of many students.

Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club: We decided to start the club because many Calvin students want the opportunity to swim with classmates in an organized fashion but without the commitment of the swim team. 

PSI: Especially after attending the Global Missions Health Conference in November 2022, which Calvin’s Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) spearheads the travel and lodging for, I realized while there are so many clubs for people interested in community/overseas service and missionary work –– Mu Kappa, Engineering Unlimited and CMDA, we wanted to form a club just for people who were interested in missions. 

SCMA: With Operations and Supply Chain becoming a major at Calvin, the department lacked a club. OSCM is becoming increasingly more important in our world today. The Supply Chain Management Association will provide students with more experience, a community and a network for jobs and internships. 

YoungLife: Calvin already contains many YoungLife leaders and students who have been involved in clubs in the past. It has greatly impacted their time in both high school and in college and we believe it is time for students to have a place to be poured into. Students and leaders will be able to build a great community that is grounded in faith. Students will have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and even go on spring break as a community!

Chimes: Why should students consider joining this organization?

AIChE: Chemical engineering (and other) students should join this organization to learn more about chemical engineering and to feel supported by a community of fellow ChemEs through social events and professional development.

ARAC: We give all interested students the opportunity to learn and practice astronomy at the leisure of their own time. Students specifically interested in developing scientific instruments (like a radio telescope) will have the opportunity to apply their problem-solving skills to refurbish an old telescope. We anticipate this will give Calvin students a new way to observe the night sky and complement our existing visual telescope.

Calvin Photography Club: Joining the photography club enriches students’ college experiences, fosters personal growth and opens doors to various opportunities in the world of photography.

Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club:  Students should join our club because it is a fun way to stay in shape and meet new people.

PSI: Students who are interested in missions, especially using their professional skills in a tentmaking capacity. 

SCMA: It is a great way to network with fellow OSCM students. You will receive great hands-on experience and learn more about the world of OSCM through company visits and guest speakers. We will also play fun OSCM games that help apply the knowledge that you have learned!

YoungLife: You would be joining a community that exists to build each other up and grow in our faith together. We have so much fun together and an awesome spring break trip doesn’t hurt.

Chimes: Are there any plans or events that your club is hoping to put on throughout the school year?

AIChE: On top of monthly meetings, we are planning a tour on Oct. 13 to Hudsonville Ice Cream in Holland, MI. We are hoping to participate in the AIChE Chemical Car Competition where a small car has to go a given distance, powered by a chemical reaction. 

ARAC: ARAC will not be hosting campus events, but the Calvin Observatory always welcomes visitors (and it is really cool, too!) It is open Monday through Thursday on clear nights. Head there an hour after sunset for good viewing of many hot astronomical bodies!

Calvin Photography Club: Our photography club will host photo competitions, exhibitions, lectures and retreats.

Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club: We hope to have a pool movie night in the future. Please join us Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30-8:30 p.m. at the Venema. Our kickoff will be this Monday, Sept. 11. 

PSI: We host monthly dinners where we invite speakers to come and share their experiences. We also aim to host prayer events once a semester. We are attending the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, KY in November, which Calvin’s CMDA spearheads the transportation and lodging for. 

SCMA: Fall Kickoff will be on Sept. 20 from 5-7 p.m. in room 103 in the Business Building. We will share information about our club and our leadership team. Pizza and drinks will be provided! Headshot Night will be on Oct. 2. Women’s Business Network hosts Headshot Night for all of Calvin. This event will be beneficial as you begin looking for internships and job opportunities. WMU Supply Chain and Food Marketing Career Night will be on Oct. 9 from 5-8 p.m. The location is Fetzer Center at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo). We are working on getting a guest speaker and a company tour lined up for this semester.

YoungLife: We will have clubs where we all get to hang out and learn some more about Jesus. We also have an awesome spring break trip!

Chimes: What advice do you have for students trying to decide which clubs to join, and are overwhelmed with all the options? 

This will not be the last time you sign up for a club. Find one that interests you and give it your all!

AIChE and PSI: I would advise them to try out a few — especially some related to their major/professional interests and some related to extra-curricular interests — in the beginning of the semester and decide which ones they want to stick with. I have also found that going to club events with friends, especially if you share similar interests, can be super helpful instead of feeling the pressure of having to try out all these clubs alone.

ARAC: Don’t worry! This will not be the last time you sign up for a club. Find one that interests you and give it your all! If it is not what you hoped for, try another one out at the beginning of the next semester or year.

Joining a club is an opportunity for personal growth.

Calvin Photography Club: Start by listing your interests and passions. What activities really pique your interest? Reach out to current members of the clubs that interest you. We can provide insight into the activities. Don’t feel pressured to have to join a club right away. You can attend several clubs or events to see which one resonates with you the most. Joining a club is an opportunity for personal growth. Our goal is to enjoy college life while pursuing your interests and goals.

Calvin Swim and Water Polo Club: Our advice for picking a club for new students is to pick something you are passionate about.

SCMA: Try something! If you don’t like it, you aren’t forced to go. If you let the club president know that you are unsure, they will gladly let you come to meetings to try it out. 

YoungLife: Try them all! Even if you only show up once, it is a great way to make new friends and get some exposure to what is happening on campus!

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