Why, as a Christian, I am voting for Joe Biden

Chimes published an op-ed listing reasons why one Calvin student supports Donald Trump. I would love to review every point included in the op-ed and fact-check, but since many of the Facebook comments took care of that, I instead direct this to any Calvin student who is undecided on who they will cast their vote for. 

Joe Biden is not perfect, and he knows it. His opinions have changed from his early career, and this demonstrates humility, not weakness. He cares about strengthening the middle class, addressing the climate crisis, ending the opioid crisis, helping students recover from education debt, and more. I encourage you to review his policy outlines for each of these here. He wants to unite Americans across every state and end the COVID-19 health crisis. 

Maybe most importantly, Biden has empathy. He waits after interviews and polling events to speak to the American people who travel to see him, and he openly shares his experience overcoming a stutter. We are going through, sorry to say it, unprecedented times. It would help to have a president who actually cared. Oh, he also condemns white supremacy. 

To the Bernie supporters reading this and feeling hopeless – no, voting for Biden will not fix everything, and no one thinks that this is the case! Voting for Biden cannot be separated from removing Trump from office – an individual who has hurled abuse at women, people of color, people with disabilities, and more. He has also reduced American immigration to the lowest numbers we have ever seen, appointed over 200 conservative judges that do not represent the entirety of the American people, rolled back over 100 different environmental and climate policies, and belittled the COVID-19 pandemic as nothing more than the flu. 

There will still be work to be done in Biden’s America, but we need to fight to keep the semblance of democracy we have first. 

The claim that the“liberal media” does not give Trump the credit he deserves is a convenient way to make the president appear to be the victim of outside forces, when, in reality, his own words condemn him. The reason why so many liberals, like myself, are angry reading statements such as those published in the op-ed is because it is a cruel reminder that many people simply do not care to listen to the stories of those who have been ostracized and demoralized by the Trump administration. The stories of 545 children cruelly taken from their parents at the American border, Black families heartbroken by the devastating and premature loss of their loved ones to police brutality, LGBT+ individuals scared for their future, and so many more.  

As American Christians, we have a unique opportunity to show the U.S., and frankly, people around the world, what it is to embody Christlike love during this election. Christlike love is sacrificial, selfless, and motivated by helping others. Christlike love serves the vulnerable, fights for the downtrodden, and seeks justice for the oppressed. Christlike love looks to serve rather than be served and respects human dignity. 

One of the most famous quotes in American history is “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Today, I would like to rephrase that to ask not what your candidate will do for you, but what your candidate will do for the marginalized, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. Again, Joe Biden is not perfect and we should not equate political figures with Biblical ones. However, I believe the best way we model Christ’s love this election is by voting for Joe Biden and voting for an end to the presidency of Donald Trump.

(Also- during a pandemic spread by respiratory droplets, that kind of love looks like wearing a mask).