Student senate’s plan for spring

Student Senate is committed to serving the student body as a representative voice, and this mission has not changed as Calvin moved classes online. We have transitioned our meetings to MS teams, and the projects that were in progress have been evaluated to see if they can be completed virtually. Approximately half of the projects our organization has been working on are continuing to move forward remotely. In addition to projects that are progressing from prior efforts, new initiatives such as grading requirements for the spring semester have been major topics of discussion. Changes are happening quickly, and the Student Senate is prepared to be there for students as changing concerns arise.

The spring semester is normally an exciting time for Student Senate: projects get completed, mandates wrap up, and elections for next year take place. As Student Senate looks at this semester, we value keeping these aspirations. It may not be the same as seeing candidates campaigning on the chapel patio, hanging posters in the dining hall, or attending a debate in the recital hall, but we plan to engage the entire student body in the election process.

The entire student body will cast their votes online on May 7th and 8th for next year’s student body president and senators. In order for students to hear more about each candidate and determine who they want to vote for, Chimes will publish a description of each candidate and their aspirations and we will post on our social media platforms (IG: @calvinsenate). Candidates are also encouraged to use their own social media followings and other creative ways of communicating virtually for campaign week efforts. An electronic ballot will be sent to every student via email for the final vote on May 7th.

We choose to continue holding elections in the spring despite the need to move forward virtually because we value a consistently high standard of representation. We are confident that the 2020-2021 Student Senate will have a seamless transition and be equipped to start next year with a complete senate.

If you are interested in running, please follow us on social media or visit for more information. This is an excellent opportunity to build your network, grow your professional skills, and make a difference at Calvin. Run for Student Senate!