Faculty granted extension of reappointment clock due to COVID-19


Photo courtesy of Calvin.edu

Faculty Senate approved this on April 7.

Faculty working towards tenure or a five-year renewable term are now able to postpone their job review for one year. Automatic approval will be granted to those who apply to have their reappointment clock extended.

The Professional Status Committee submitted a report on the matter to the Faculty Senate, who voted to approve the report on Tuesday, April 7. Provost Cheryl Brandsen, a member of the committee, announced the new policy in an email to faculty on Thursday morning. She explained that while more specific directions would be given soon, the Professional Status Committee wanted to spread the word on the change as quickly as possible. 

“For now, we simply wanted to inform you of this in hopes that this will offer relief for some of you,” Brandsen wrote. 

In the report, the committee recognized the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents to faculty who are trying to produce research in anticipation of a job review. 

“Calvin University recognizes that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly disrupted academic and personal life,” the report stated, noting that the closings of laboratories and libraries might add an extra challenge to conducting scholarly work. 

The report also mentioned the difficulties of transitioning to online teaching as a reason for the extension.

Faculty who want to take advantage of this new policy should complete the “2020 Automatic Notification of Extension of Tenure or Five-Year Renewable Term Clock Due to COVID-19” form and submit it to their academic dean.