Calvin student’s company to raise bail out funds for inmates


20% of profits from the “Decarcerate Collection” will go towards bailout efforts.

Forgive Everyone Co., a company founded by Calvin student Skyler Rich, is giving a portion of its prison bailout efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The virus presents heightened risks to prison systems. Inmates are unable to practice social distancing. There are also a higher rate of at-risk adults because of the long sentences that are standardized in the American judicial system. Organizations and individuals across the country have recognized that controlling the virus in prisons could be critical to flattening the curve. Some of these organizations, like Forgive Everyone Co., are raising efforts and awareness to bailout prisoners.  

Forgive Everyone Co. is a Grand Rapids clothing brand that attempts to raise empathy for people affected by incarceration, according to a media release. On Friday, Rich announced the company’s new “Decarcerate” collection of clothing would be donating 20% of its profits to the National Bail Fund Network. 

On Saturday, The Michigan Department of Corrections announced the first Michigan related COVID-19 inmate death. “The death of the 55 year old man in MDOC is incredibly heartbreaking and absolutely increases the urgency,” Rich said. “There are many more popping up all over the country,” he noted, which is why Forgive Everyone Co. has decided to donate to bailout efforts.

Rich said the company has seen an increase in sales from their new collection. “This has been our most successful release yet with over 40 orders from all over the country and a couple internationally,” he continued, “It’s very relevant and there is potential to make a big impact.”

The Decarcerate Collection can be found here.