Classes to go online for rest of spring semester due to COVID-19

Calvin’s classes will be online for the rest of the semester because of the coronavirus, according to an email sent out by President Michael Le Roy. The administration previously announced that the shift to online classes would last until April 14. 

Residence halls will close this Saturday, March 21. 

While making these decisions is extremely difficult, we believe that this is ultimately in the best interest of our students. The dynamic and complex nature of this situation leaves little certainty about how federal and state regulations might increase in the coming days,” Le Roy said.

Le Roy told Chimes that he knows of no Calvin students, staff or faculty with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

All classes on Monday, March 30 and all daytime classes on Tuesday, March 31 are cancelled to give professors time to shift their courses online. Tuition costs will remain the same as students are still completing their coursework.

The email also cited concerns about upcoming travel bans that could impact students’ ability to go home to other countries. The administration has not yet decided whether commencement will take place as usual but said a decision is coming by April 24.

Some international students can petition to live on campus through the end of the spring semester. The form to petition is available on the campus-wide email under “Campus Housing.” According to an email from Vice President of Finance Jim English, students living on campus who have moved out by the end of March will receive 40% of their room and board payment as a credit for future payments. Students with “urgent financial need” are eligible to apply for a cash refund, and seniors will receive a refund following graduation.

Le Roy’s email also stated that Calvin is still in “a solid long-term financial position,” but that the university will have to make budget changes to account for lower revenue. Le Roy said that it’s unknown whether any Calvin employees will have to be laid off.

All major campus events, like Fridays at Calvin, have been cancelled. Small-group tours can still be scheduled.