Michigan Tuition Grant passes key hurdle, reinstatement imminent

This story has been updated to more accurately reflect the timeline. Chimes regrets the error.

The Michigan state legislature has agreed to restore the MichiganTuition Grant, two months after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer line-item vetoed the grant. The vote will take place next week but according to an email from Calvin University President Michael Le Roy, “all indications are that this will be passed into law.”

Calvin University President Michael Le Roy said, “I hope that this does not happen in future years, but I am thankful that legislators and the governor found a solution for the sake of our students.”

Le Roy also thanked members of the Calvin community for lobbying on behalf of the grant. “I believe that this engagement made a critical difference,” he said.

A group of Calvin students participated in a rally outside of the state house earlier this week. One of those students was student senate President Emerson Silvernail, who said in a Facebook post, “The line-item veto of the Michigan Tuition Grant has jeopardized my last year at Calvin. These last months of my education, and the educations of all of my peers, are paramount to achieving success throughout our collective futures.”

Over 900 students at Calvin qualify for the Michigan Tuition Grant, over 16,000 students in the state of Michigan receive it at well. Calvin students reported having to pick up more hours at work at the expense of their school work to make up the anticipated difference.

The need-based grant provided students with up to $2,400 in scholarships to help cover the cost of private higher education. It will now provide students with $2,800.