Re: Student News is horrid


Graphic by Yolanda Chow

I was fascinated to read Bernard Boadu’s article “Student news is horrid” (26 April 2019) because I had no idea Student News was still around. The problems, which Bernard describes well, go back much further than he may realize! Student News has been around for 20 years (the entire archive is accessible at and it has been almost completely unchanged that whole time, despite nearly everything else in digital communication changing around it. I moderated Student News on behalf of student senate from 2001-2003. I dug up the three-page report I wrote to the senate in spring 2003 detailing some of the same problems Boadu describes: “The signal-to-noise ratio is becoming intolerable,” “fewer people reading Student News,” etc. And we proposed, way back then, similar solutions to those suggested by Boadu, including a more visual format and improved relevance of content. It’s admirable that Student News has kept going this long, but there are newer and better ways to communicate with the student body in 2019 than there were in 1999. Hopefully the Chimes staff of 2039 won’t have to write about this.