New columns to spark new dialogue

Our opinion page has always attempted to start dialogue on campus. This is why we decided to spice up our op-ed page by adding a few new columns. The columns will be on recurring, although broad, topics. Depending on demand, writers and a few other variables, we may add more columns in the future.

So, what are the columns?

“It’s Getting Hot in Here,” will address environment and policy. “Let’s Talk About It” will address various topics related to sex and sexuality, while trying to engage the topics with care and from a variety of perspectives. And “Christian Perspectives” will “engage God’s world” directly, in one way or another, through faith related conversations.

We are also in the process of starting a recurring column from the Calvin Prison Initiative students at Calvin’s Handlon campus; we expect frequent contributions.

Starting next week, each section will have its own subheading under the “Op-ed” tab on the Chimes website. Not every article will appear in print, but many will.

As you see, they cover a variety of topics. While each section will have one or two students that will act as main contributors, each section will remain open to submissions, just as our regular opinion pieces always have. That means you, can write an article for any one of our columns. Just shoot our opinion editor, Autumn (anl25), or myself an email (jnp22).

Regular opinion pieces will remain unaffected by these changes.

Lastly, when you submit, remember that Chimes maintains full authority to accept, edit or reject an article.