The Chimes office offers a glimpse into Calvin’s history

Hidden in the basement corridors of the Commons Annex lies a Calvin College time capsule, the Chimes office — or the Choffice as we call it. Lining the shelves are the Chimes archives, from 1907 to 2018. Open the books and you’ll find early articles written in Dutch, or Calvin and Hobbes strips featured in the 1980s editions.

“Please do not tap the glass. It frightens the editors.” Reads a sign posted on the glass windows that face out into the hallway.

Chimes staff stop by the long and narrow office throughout the week, and on Wednesday nights, all the editors can be found huddled around computers laying out that week’s edition.

“To me, it’s become a place of community,” said senior Michelle Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief here at the Chimes.

Watch this video for a tour of the Chimes office.