What to stream on the very rare snow days


Photos courtesy imdb.com

The Good Place (Where: Hulu)


If anything, you’ll leave “The Good Place” with suitable replacements for your bad swearing habit. If you’re lucky, your boss will implement these work-friendly words in the office so that your anger at the broken coffee machine makes you giggle when you have to say “oh fork.” “The Good Place” is a show that imagines what heaven would be like if we got in based on a point system (sacraments anyone?). The twist of the show is to ask what if someone got in based on a clerical error? A truly funny series that blends contemplation and humor in the best way. And if you need any more reason to watch it, Kristen Bell (“Bad Moms”) plays the accidental saint. It’s hilarious. – Mimi Mutesa




The Breakfast Club (Where: Netflix)

Stuck in your house all day? Well, you already have something in common with the characters from “The Breakfast Club.” Sort of. This timeless, feel-good coming of age story is the perfect kick back for unexpected free free time on your hands. Five high schoolers, from different rungs on of the popularity totem pole, find themselves in detention with nothing to do than to reflect. From the powers of high school cliques that be, comes a coming of age film about love, acceptance, fear, and finding common ground. A cult classic. – Mimi Mutesa





Lady Macbeth (Where: HBO and Amazon Prime)

A movie that challenges traditional gender expectations in a thrilling, nightmarish way, “Lady Macbeth” is an unforgettable film with a haunting, sometimes stoic performance by Florence Pugh, who plays Katherine. The title isn’t exactly what you expect; it’s not Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” through the eyes of his lady. Katherine assumes the role of Lady Macbeth in a 19th century rural England where she has been slavishly sold into a loveless marriage. But, she refuses to stay submissive. Warning: this film contains graphic sex scenes. -Joshua Polanski





Unsane (Where: Free on Amazon Prime)

Who would have ever thought something shot entirely on an iPhone would wind up being so compelling and engaging? Well, Steven Soderbergh, the director, certainly thought it was possible in this thriller. If the iPhone footage isn’t enough to make you watch, the plot is essentially everyone’s’ worst nightmare: being committed to a mental institution without consenting. But does Sawyer Valentini, played by Claire Foy, really belong there? -Joshua Polanski