Editorial: Thankful for weariness

Editorial: Thankful for weariness

As Thanksgiving approaches the biggest thing I am thankful for in this moment is the break we’re going to be on for three whole days. And this break is all the more satisfying because Chimes will not be printing next week.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this paper and being the one in charge has been one of the best experiences of my life. But I am tired. The weeks are long, and Wednesday nights are the longest, as that’s layout night for the Chimes staff. But Wednesday nights are also the best day of my week. Because I get to see the various members of my staff come together to create a single product.

It takes a lot to put together this eight-page paper. Section editors, writers, copy-editors; all of these people are so essential to each and every issue of Chimes that comes out. I am thankful for all of them and the hard work they put into this paper.

I know they work just as hard as I do, so I know that they are just as thankful for this break as I am. But I want to remind them (and myself, honestly) that the fact that they are looking forward to this break is a testament to the effort and amazing contributions they have put to this paper.

And that concept can apply to anyone who is in any group, club, organization. If you are thankful for a break from that part of your life, don’t be guilty; be proud. Because it means you put in the work. You’re doing all that you should be doing and you are doing it to the full extent of your capabilities because you are tired.

So be thankful for your weariness. And enjoy your break.