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Letter to the Editor: Response to Letter from 2/16

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In a recent letter to the editor, a fellow student makes claims that under President Trump’s governance, minorities in America have more access to jobs and that people can be assured of their president standing up for their rights among other things. My question is, when have these statements been proven in the past year of his presidency? Under the Trump administration we’ve seen his disrespect towards immigrants, the institution of travel bans, the approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline, support for private prisons and more. Actions such as these have isolated populations of the American people. Through bitter diatribes on social media, documented opinions from his business career and official speeches, Trump vocally manifests the implicit (sometimes explicit) racism present in his policies.

A common response at this point is that the media is biased and that liberal news sites are attempting to lead a revolt against Trump with disrespect never seen before in American politics. Everyone has biases — media outlets present this, and this is not new. A simple solution is to read a variety of news sources instead of trusting word-of-mouth or Facebook. If you truly want the American people to keep encouraging one another to “make America great again” (a phrase with problematic implications), start by taking the time to see things from the perspective of your neighbors even if they look different from you, because diversity is what can make America great.

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  1. Nathanael Dick on February 23rd, 2018 11:09 am

    My question is, when have these statements been proven in the past year of his presidency?

    Hi Lauren,

    I think I can answer that question:

    The Trump administration has accomplished a lot in the last year:

    Did you know that over 160 million babies have been ripped out of their mother’s bodies since abortion has been legal.
    The president has eliminated many of the abortion loopholes and stopped overseas funding of abortion.
    Did you know African American’s and minorities wages have been stagnant for decades.
    Through regulatory reform and tax cuts we now see a growth in wages for these minorities.
    For example, 377 corporations have given bonuses to their employees. Many of these employees are minorities.
    Did you know Isis has cruelly murdered thousands of people.
    Through the president’s hands off approach to the war isis is almost wiped out.
    Don’t be confused Donald Trump is not a Nazi and doesn’t support Nazis or racism.
    He condemns Nazism and stands up against Jew haters.
    I.E. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Do you think a Jew hater would do that.
    Let me ask you what has a liberal done to support women, Jews, and African Americans.
    Nothing in fact liberals were the first slave owners.
    America needs to stop making victims of every minority group. That is actually racism which can be defined as treating someone different based on the color of their skin. We need to treat all people equal and hold them to the same standards of the law. Trump’s policy that people know what to do with their money best has helped propel a generation of people that define themselves as Americans not as victims.


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