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Art Prize takes over the heart of the city

Photo by Saraphina Sefcik

Looking for adventure? Looking for amusement? Looking for art? Thinking that you have to go far to reach these goals? Well, think again. All you have to do is travel six miles from Calvin College into the heart of downtown to reach ArtPrize.

ArtPrize is an annual art competition located in downtown Grand Rapids. This year’s program started on Sept. 23 and runs through Oct. 11. Each year artists travel from all over the world in hopes of sharing their message or story with others. According to the ArtPrize Organization, 48 countries and 42 states are represented in over 1,500 pieces of artwork.

Artwork is displayed throughout 162 venues ranging from Jam’n Bean Coffee Company to the Department of Corrections to the DeVos Place Convention Center. The Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), a popular venue, hosts a variety of works such as photographs, sculptures and videos. The 2-D piece “As Above” by Judith Braun is displayed here. This piece, made up of charcoal fingerprints, is now a 2-D finalist. Another piece to see is “Arranging Family” by Carlee Fernandez, which represents the value of family through a metal cup sculpture engraved with a family tree. Other popular venues include The B.O.B., Kendall College of Art and Design and the Harris Building.

Every artist has a unique reason for displaying his or her art. Rose Ellis, a Michigan artist, simply said, “English is not my first language; art is.”

Art is her life and she wants to share that inspiration with others. Stop in Apothecary Off Main to see her ArtPrize entry, “Double Bubble.”

ArtPrize fills Grand Rapids with a richness of culture. It brings together people of all backgrounds to share in a common interest. ArtPrize gives the opportunity to talk to artists and be inspired by their works all while exploring the city.

“I love all the people it brings downtown and seeing the city alive. I love seeing buildings you wouldn’t normally see. ArtPrize is a good place to get lost along the way,” said Lisa Town, a resident of West Michigan.

At the end of ArtPrize, awards are given. The art is judged by two groups: the public and a jury. There are five categories to be voted on in each group. The grand prize is worth $200,000. The 2-D Public Vote Award and the 3-D Public Vote Award are both valued at $12,500. The last two awards are the Time-based Public Vote Award and the Installation Award, both also worth $12,500. Voting happens in two rounds. Round one consists of voting for a piece to be in the top 20. The winners are then voted for from the top 20.

ArtPrize is a great way to start getting to know the area. Students can easily catch a bus or drive downtown in no time.

“I think ArtPrize is a wonderful opportunity for people like me who are not permanent residents of Grand Rapids, to experience the beauty of the city expressed through the various pieces of art,” said first-year student Nicole Chavez.

ArtPrize does not have a specific location to start at. You can start at any venue that interests you and then visit the others around it. Or you can start at the Hub, located on 41 Sheldon Blvd. SE. The Hub has maps of the venue locations and dining locations as well as maps of downtown. It can also be a place to kick back and relax between venues. Stop by Friday or Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. or Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

More information about the artists, artwork, venues and other general information is located online at ArtPrize will conclude this Sunday.


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