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Adverse Effect takes people’s choice at 30th Airband performance

Photo by Chantelle Yazzie

With a slew of color and thumping bass, Airband’s 30th performance has its winners: Adverse Effects for people’s choice, Carpe Diem for the judge’s first place, Freshman 15 for judge’s second place and Blasian Persuasion for best video.

Adverse Effect entered in traditional nurses garb and provided a generous amount of puns, including the injection of patients with shots to LMFAO’s song “Shots.”

“We tried to focus on nursing,” Adverse Effects team members said. “We are dorky and nerdy, but we played into that.  And we had the cute factor going for us. We have simple dance moves but a lot of heart.”

Having won people’s choice last year, Carpe Diem returned to the stage with a plentitude of props including a homemade piano and an appearance from Chaplain Mary Hulst.

Before the show, Carpe Diem hinted that their performance would have twists.

“We are here to show the audience what we have been working on since before January,” Carpe Diem team members said, “and we have a few surprises–winky face–in store for the audience.”

These surprises included a magic show and a drama involving a Hope versus Calvin breakup, featuring Hulst with a sword.

Freshman 15, second place winners, took the stage first. They set the bar high with intense choreography in an evolution of dance performance, starting with an 1800s ballroom dance and ending with heavy techno.

“We put a lot of work into the show,” said Freshmen 15 team members. “Some weeks we practiced for ten hours, beginning during Interim. We didn’t expect to win. We just did it for fun.”

David Kuenzi, student body president, did not place his loyalties with any certain team.

“As a senior, I’ve attended three of the four Airbands, and I’m really looking forward to see what they come up with this year,” Kuenzi said. “I think they’re going to strut their stuff.”

President Le Roy made an appearance at the beginning of the show, rousing the audience’s laughter alongside the Improv team.

“I took an improv class in college,” Le Roy said. “I love being involved in whatever I can be to support the student body.”

Le Roy had just flown in from out of state at 6:15 but made a quick turnaround, showing up in suit and tie ready to perform.

Thirty years ago, the first team to take Airband stage was a team named The Inner Tubes, performing “Talk to Ya Later” by The Tubes.

Running with the theme of the 30th reunion, the Improv team prepared a skit for the filler between each performance.

“We prepared a lot more than usual, discussing our general skit far in advance,” the Improv team said.

After many long weeks of planning and practicing, the show had a successful turnout with performances ranging from intense to silly.

“We had an awesome time out there,” said Carpe Diem members. “Everyone put their best out there, and we put on a great show.”

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