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Unlearning myself
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I was lucky enough to attend the panel discussion called “Enough Already: Why We UnLearn” this Monday afternoon, which consisted of a diverse assortment of faculty and students. The purpose of this UnLearn event was to explain why we have to unlearn.

The panel offered unique perspectives from their personal journeys of reversing what they had learned to be true. The six panel members were ethnically and culturally diverse and were therefore able to offer stories that were new to me as a person of European descent.

I found every panel member’s statements to be filled with truth and conviction. One of the main points made was that we have a biblical mandate to seek redemption in cultural and racial relationships and that this redemption is in fact a part of the gospel story itself.

I found this point of redemption to be particularly important. God desires healing for interracial relationships and this can only be brought about by deliberate action. I believe that those of us on the side of privilege need to stop making excuses and dare to step out of what we deem as normal.

One thing the panel emphasized was the importance of learning the stories of those around us. This is so true! How can we expect to find love and redemption in these relationships if we are not taking the time to listen and to care about someone’s story? I can personally speak to this point as a person whose cultural background is on a much wider spectrum than my ethnic background.


It’s the best thing you can do to unlearn.

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