SAO, coaches hope new sports teams will bring more energy to campus life


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Students cheer Calvin’s volleyball team in a show of school spirit.

Coaches and the Student Activities Office are supportive of the new sports programs coming to Calvin, and are optimistic about the additions’ possible impact on campus life.

The announcement of varsity football, men’s volleyball and women’s acrobatics teams, as well as new club teams being added to Calvin’s roster sparked debate throughout the Calvin community –– but for Associate Athletic Director and women’s volleyball coach Amber Warners, the new teams are a sign of good things to come. 

“I am super excited about all the additions we’re making, including the club sports because I think we have an incredible athletic department,” said Warners. 

Warners said she believes these will be exciting opportunities for students to get involved in activities not currently offered, as well as to build community.

“Our coaches are some of the best in the country and to give more opportunities to other students that want to play those sports … it’s a really exciting opportunity,” said Warners. 

“I think it’s going to be a rallying point to bring us together. Our athletes tend to support our teams, so teams support other teams,” said Warners. 

John Ross, head tennis coach, said the new sports could help improve the experience for all Calvin athletes: New sports could open doors for more locker rooms, trainers and equipment. 

According to Ross, the kinesiology department might grow, as more athletes –– particularly football players –– may consider studying kinesiology and sports management.

“Hopefully we can see an increase of majors in the kinesiology department,” said Ross.

Jack Droppers, director of the SAO, said having extra sports events on campus could help generate attendance at other events by encouraging students to spend more time on campus.

“When the campus feels alive, more people are going to spend time here,” said Droppers.

Bringing new energy to campus life could help students take chances on new on-campus activities and experiences, according to Droppers

“Building a culture where going to events that maybe aren’t your first choice, or your first thing — that’s part of it,” said Droppers. 

“I’m looking forward to getting more coaches to join our staff, and I’m excited to see the increased school spirit that these sports can have,” said Ross.