Editorial: What Chimes is and isn’t

This fall has been a full one. Given the pandemic, the election, denominational and university changes, Chimes has not struggled to brainstorm ideas.

We’ve reported on hot button issues, also hosting them in our opinion and editorial section and watching debates about them blow up on social media. Chimes has started conversations on campus, and we’re proud of that. 

But when you start a conversation on a campus this small and tight-knit, you’re bound to hear rumors echo back. In the last month, we’ve been asked whether we censored Professor David Noe’s op-ed, whether the administration has to approve our stories prior to publication and whether Claire Murashima’s op-ed means the Christian Reformed Church will certainly change their stance on same-sex marriage. 

The answer to all of these questions is no, because all of these answers are operating under false assumptions as to what Chimes is and what we do. And it is shocking how faculty and staff who have worked at this campus for years are often the ones perpetuating these rumors. 

We would like to make this clear: Chimes is an independent, student-run news organization with an op-ed section committed to free and open debate. Although we are partially funded by the university and cannot enjoy the same independence that a student publication at a public university has, we still operate outside of the administration.

Neither our faculty advisor nor any member of the administration or faculty read our stories prior to publication. We do not ask for permission to publish stories. Our mission is entirely separate from that of the university. 

As a result, we are not a mouthpiece for the university. The opinion pieces and letters published reflect the opinions of that writer alone. On the other hand, our published editorials, like this one, reflect the editorial staff’s opinions as a whole.

If at any point you are confused as to how Chimes works or why we make the editorial decisions we do, reach out to us. We publish our contact information in print weekly and online at all times. But know that it is students who are making these calls, not members of the administration or faculty.