Calvin set new fundraising record last fiscal year

Amidst recent financial uncertainty, Calvin University received a record-breaking amount of fundraising and donations. Over 18,800 members of the Calvin community contributed to the total $64.3 million dollars raised by the university last fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020). 

$22.5 million of this total came from an anonymous donor in support of a new business school. This donation will support a new building to house the school and the renovation of spaces within the DeVos Communication Center. Additionally, it provides for the creation of a new dean position for the School of Business and support for current business faculty. 

An additional $11 million was gifted from the estates of the late Rimmer and Ruth de Vries, who began the Global Faculty Development Institute in 2018. The donation will provide time and training for faculty members to deepen their commitment to Reformed Christian thought. 

The remaining $30.8 million in donations consisted of smaller gifts from Calvin alumni, faculty, staff and friends. These donations contributed to 679 different funds, some of which include classroom renovations, such as the new Nursing Simulation Lab and Design Hub; the Calvin LifeWork program and Community Care Fund; athletics and specific academic departments; and many others. Many of these contributions also support the continuation of individual named scholarships.  

These gifts demonstrate the deep care of the Calvin community for the student experience and continuing excellence in Reformed education, Jodi Cole Muyskens, director of development, told Chimes.  “As you can see, donor gifts have a direct impact on the full student experience at Calvin—from the physical environment where students learn and live; to the services students need to thrive in their college experience; to the activities students enjoy outside of the classroom,” said Muyskens. 

Calvin donors love to hear from students, to learn more about their experience and how their investment is making a difference,” Muyskens said. “Many of our supporters are alums and they also enjoy learning how today’s Calvin compares to their Calvin experience.”

Muyskens also shared how Calvin students could show their appreciation for donors. Interested students can take pictures of themselves with a “Thank you” sign to send to donors, as the named scholarship dinner was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can also write a letter expressing their gratitude and send it to the development office, where it will be distributed to the donors.