New CSSSP looks to address student concerns

New CSSSP is excited to invest in students.

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New CSSSP is excited to invest in students.

Kelsey Colburn began her new position as Coordinator of Student Success and Sexuality Programming (CSSSP) on Dec. 2. This spring will be her first full semester in the position.

As reported in November by Chimes, Colburn is a Holland native with a BA in social work from Hope, followed by a Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Upon starting at Hope, Colburn wanted to study vocal performance, which she did pursue during her freshman year. She took an introduction to gender studies class and found a new passion. Colburn said, “We were talking about bridging divides and helping the marginalized and empowering folks… I applied to the social work program my sophomore year and haven’t looked back.” Colburn isn’t the first one in her family to pursue social work. Her mother, Liz Colburn, is the director of the TRIO Upward Bound program at Hope College where she works with first generation low-income college-bound students. 

As CSSSP, Colburn wears a few different hats that include working as the liaison for Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA), the Sexual Assault Prevention Team (SAPT), and the Sexuality Series. With her three-tiered position, Colburn’s overall goal is to better listen to student concerns and needs so she can bring the conversations that happen in dorms, Johnny’s and other gathering places to a campus-wide level. “Making sure there is a safe and welcoming and warm place… that’s where I see myself.” 

Colburn sees herself staying with Calvin for the years to come. She deeply believes in the mission at Calvin and specifically the mission of the Sexuality Series. Colburn said, “[The series] is pretty unique to Christian colleges and I’m grateful that Calvin exists.” Regarding the sexuality series, Colburn is excited for the screening of “The Dating Project” on Feb. 13. She thinks it’s a good intro to what dating can look like for millennials and Gen Z’s. 

Colburn is excited and eager to meet with students and get to know more of the student body and faculty. Her office has been lovingly dubbed “the bus” due to its location and appearance in Commons Annex. Colburn happily welcomes all visitors and looks forward to forming new relationships.