Timmer under construction, students move to used dorms

This academic year, Timmer is not housing students during the Fall semester. Jay Wise, Director of College Housing and Operations, and John Witte, Dean of Students, discussed the reason behind the move.

In an email, Witte said, “This year, the entire wing of Timmer is empty so that renovations, painting, and fire-suppression systems can be completed during the school year.” With declining enrollment and a need for upgrades, staff chose to leave the whole of Timmer empty for the fall semester.

Construction workers operated on Bolt and Heynes during the summer, installing new fire-suppression systems. Working on Timmer in addition to these two during the summer would have resulted in less care given to all three wings. Spreading out the work across the semester means more attention and caution is paid to areas that need it, resulting in a better overall result.

Wise emphasised  the flexibility this move gives Calvin when it comes to housing conference-goers, out-of-towners, or others seeking temporary housing.

Wise said, “in deciding how to house those who would be living in Timmer,” Wise has to be “careful, intentional, and also thoughtful.” Some students will be living in First Vanderwerp, First Kalsbeek, or First Huizenga, now dedicated senior floors.  Students seeking to live alone can pay $500 per semester for a guaranteed single room. Declining enrollment has allowed staff to present this option as a replacement for Timmer. Witte and Wise made it clear that students have not been displaced, describing what happened this year as a perfect storm of opportunities for growth and positive change.