Ready for Life student reflects on program


Ready for Life

Students and teachers of Ready for Life 2019, Kate Kauffman miidle row, second from right.

Ready for Life is a program for people with all kinds of different abilities that have a special opportunity to come to college and receive an education. At Calvin, most of the Ready for Life students live in apartments at the Woodland Preserve. There is a mentoring process here at Calvin where students help us with homework in the Ready for Life classroom and other classes on the main campus too. Also, the mentors come with us to lunch. I am glad to count on the mentors as my friends. Our teacher, Amber Gilliland has taught me so much at Ready for Life and she is a fabulous teacher. Ready for Life has also helped manage my time and learn about different careers that will help me get a job someday. Ways that Ready for Life could be even better is that we need to have more clubs and opportunities to meet other people at Calvin. I’ve enjoyed this program so much and it is a blessing to be here. Come and join us! It’s so much fun!