What to stream: Study break edition

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What We Do in the Shadows Kanopy

What more could you want from a movie than a mockumentary dark horror-comedy focused on the mundane life of four vampires from various historical periods? This film may sound like a complete joke, and to be honest it doesn’t take itself seriously, which makes it excel. But the serious themes of the film, and its redefining of the vampire genre, put it in a league of its own. And to top it off, Taika Waititi, the beloved director of “Thor: Ragnarok” directs and stars as a New Zealand dandy and the leader of the vampire home. Also, there are werewolves. If you have a public library card, then you have access to the streaming service Kanopy, where you can watch “What We Do in the Shadows.” -Joshua Polanski

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — Netflix

Can you imagine a better way to give your brain a break from intensive studying than a science-fiction romantic comedy about memory and maintaining intimate relationships told in a nonlinear narrative? A movie like that might not sound like the right movie to watch while your brain is busy trying to memorize massive amount information you will eventually regurgitate onto a blue book, but maybe a movie that helps you remember what is most important in your life does. Written by the immensely talented Charlie Kaufman and starring excellent performances by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, “Eternal Sunshine” tells the occasionally hilarious, occasionally somber story of two people falling and out of love. But more than that, it helps refocus your attention on the relationships that you will remember better than your classes. It reminds you that caring for people you love is far more important than the grade you get, hopefully making your studying a little easier. -Immanuel Deliyannides

Queer Eye — Netflix

I know many people out there hate the idea of reality television, and honestly I don’t blame you, but Queer Eye is the unicorn of reality TV! It is pure and is just an emotional delight to watch; reality TV at it’s best. The show revolves around a group of gay men, nicknamed the Fab 5, that go around giving people makeovers, both to their external appearances, but also their inner selves. Many of the show’s makeover characters, or “heroes” as the show refers to them, teach us more about self love and acceptance. It really puts your own life into perspective. It’s especially fun watching the different personalities of the Fab 5 interact. The show is relaxing and it’s really inspiring to watch other people take control and declutter of their lives. From a Christian perspective, the show teaches you that there’s more to people and you can love beyond your preconceptions. -Austin Kanus