Dr. Dog and The Nude Party fill prescription and satisfy crowds

“Ladies and Gentlemen, The Nude Party,” Ken Heffner said as he introduced the best-selling concert of the season on Saturday the 16th. The opener for the headliner Dr. Dog, drew many to the show.

A red neon boot flashed the Band’s name. Adorned in groovy, 70’s style clothes, The Nude Party wowed the audience with Byrd-esque electric organs and crooning Jim-Morrison style vocals.

They played with synchronous energetic hopping. On Western reminiscent “Wild Coyote” howling accompanied applause especially by shirtless audience members in the first row of the balcony.

“I really like the guy with the long hair!”Aerin from GRCHS insisted. Austin Brose, the percussionist, played his African drum by slamming two maracas and a cymbal while continually flipping his long hair back and forth.

“It’s been a magnanimous experience for us,”Brose commented on his first Christian College show. “The response was absolutely unbridled and completely sensational.”

Andy Calvert

Reciprocal energy between audience and performer fueled Indie band Dr. Dog. Without doctor’s orders, the entire crowd started standing a few songs in. Dr. Dog introduced a chill set with Floyd-like organ swells and gentle melodies transporting audience members to a calming walk on the beach. The audience danced and belted out choruses for “[Oh] Nellie” and  “Ladala.”

Each band member seemed to contribute to complex harmonies at different times yielding “Sounds kind of like the Beach Boys” the merchandise manager said.

“This song is about America, it has its ups and downs” Toby Leaman said to introduce a song with a lighter mindset to a heavy topic about the nation’s difficulties. Toby played so vigorously he rocked the beenie off his head at least six times during the evening. His belting voice endured completely through the encore, sometimes straining.

In a memorable moment, at the end of an extended version of “Jackie Wants A Black Eye,”sunglassed guitarist Frank McElroy sustained an incredibly high-pitched note with arms fully spread, leaving everyone visibly shocked.

Many songs came off the latest album “Critical Equation” where the band experiments from previous sounds and asks more questions about identity.

Andy Calvert

Scott McMicken’s unique nasally vocals asks “If they are talking to you,” when he hears animals and inanimate objects on “Listening In.” Paranoid, strolling bass tempos match the mood of self-discovery with fear.  

I can hear the fear in me talking, And it’s talking ’bout me, And it’s talking ’bout you, Yeah, it’s talking ’bout me, Can you hear it too?” McMicken’s quest for understand himself accompanies the changing Band’s style.

Catchy guitar jams, mesmerizing harmonizing vocals, wailing guitar sliding, driving percussion, intriguing electric sequencers and unique aesthetic made Dr. Dog fill everyone’s expectations and more. The Nude Party’s exciting retro numbers complemented Dr. Dog’s mostly relaxing tunes.

The Vienna Boys Choir will perform as the next SAO event on March 12.