Many factors considered for Calvin snow days

Michelle Hofman
Snow outside of the library.

Snow days are a rare occurrence at Calvin College, but when they happen on days like today, there isn’t one factor that dictates the college’s decision to shut down school. Instead, the college primarily considers three criteria.

First, it considers requests by local law enforcement and travel advisories. Second, “the condition of interior roads and pathways,” with wheelchair accessibility becoming an important factor. And third, the closing of other local colleges and universities; grade schools aren’t factored for.

In an email to faculty and staff, Provost Cheryl Brandsen said, “The decision to close the college for a second day this week is motivated by several things. We carefully monitor recommendations from the National Weather Service who today are noting near-blizzard conditions, multi-car pile ups, and a high risk of frostbite.  Governor Whitmer also declared today a state of emergency for extreme cold.”

The provost makes the decision, currently Provost Brandsen, “in consultation with the director of physical plant, the vice president of student life, the vice president for finance and administration, the vice president for people, strategy, and technology, and the director of campus safety,” according to the college’s policy form regarding bad weather.

If for some reason the provost is unavailable, the decision falls to the hands of the vice president of finance and administration.