Calvin Information Technology Center remodeled for a new generation of students

Over this past summer, the Calvin Information Technology Center (CIT) underwent an extensive remodel with the goal of providing a space that meet the needs of today’s era of students. Not so long ago, the average college students didn’t own a laptop, making a large computer lab a necessity on Calvin’s campus. But today, with at least 88% of students nationwide owning their own laptop, according to a poll conducted by the group Campus Technology, the number of students using the computer lab in the CIT was rapidly dwindling. This prompted a re-imagining of the space.

The project started around the time of finals last year and continued throughout the summer. It is now complete. With the main draw of a technology center shifting away from using a public computer, CIT came up with a new vision for the space. About half of the computers were taken out, and couches, chairs, potted plants and gigantic multi person bean bags were put in their place, turning part of the computer lab into a multi-functional study lounge. The CIT center still contains multiple long rows of Apple and Dell desktop computers, but the new lounge provides students a quiet place to work on their laptops, making the place feel more student-centered.

The other main change to the CIT center was the addition of a “smart classroom.” HL 122, a small classroom adjacent to the CIT computer lab, was transformed into a cutting-edge learning space designed for collaborative work. It is equipped with the latest smart devices.

Junior Kelsey Bruinwood, a member of the CIT staff, is pleased with how the changes have turned out, saying, “We’ve created a space more accessible to students, which meets their needs.” She also pointed out that the remaining computers still see use because of the special technology and programs on them. Bruinwood said she’s noticed the CIT center getting used more often by students since the renovations occurred.