The Marvelous Mars

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The Center Art Gallery (CAG)’s current exhibition, located in the Covenant Fine Arts Center, focuses on the planet Mars.

“This exhibition examines the historical research, the contemporary exploration by Jet Propulsion Library (JPL) and NASA, and the popular culture fascination surrounding Mars,” said Brent Williams, director of exhibitions.

The growing fascination with the world beyond Earth led the CAG to focus on Mars, but the Mars exhibition is not all that the gallery has to offer. A rotation of exhibitions seeks to “explore new subjects, experience ideas from different perspectives, and examine the artwork through the lens of each person’s individual interests and passions,” according to Williams.

Complementing the gallery on Mars is an assembly of images by Calvin astronomy and physics students, taken through the observatory on campus. In addition, Professor Emeritus Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk has a showcase titled “Of Earth,” which responds to a selection of the Mars images using and manipulating found objects.

Along with Williams, Paula Manni, arts programming coordinator, and Betty Sanderson, registrar and preparator, assist in choosing artists, installing exhibitions and constructing certain artistic opportunities to continue the conversation. They also partner with departments, student groups and offices to ensure that students are able to contribute to the arts at Calvin, so that it remains relevant to them.

The CAG works to “present exhibitions and programming that celebrate our God-given creativity, varied interests, and appreciations,” according to Williams. To continue to push this goal forward, there are many other exhibitions being presented in the coming months, such as a quilt artist and an exhibition titled, “Was God Dead?”

For more on upcoming exhibits, visit the Center Art Gallery page on Calvin’s website. The Center is open 9 a.m.–5 p.m. There will be a lecture and exhibition reception on October 3, 3:30–5:30 p.m.