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Weekly church spotlight: Ada Bible Church

Ada Bible Church is conveniently located close to Calvin's campus.

Ada Bible Church is conveniently located close to Calvin's campus.

Anu Teodorescu

Anu Teodorescu

Ada Bible Church is conveniently located close to Calvin's campus.

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Church name and picture: Ada Bible Church – East Paris Campus

Location: 1640 East Paris Ave SE, Kentwood

Denomination: Non-denominational

Ada Bible church is a well-known church in the Grand Rapids community that emphasizes a personal relationship with Christ. With “home base” considered the Cascade campus where the lead pastor preaches from, Ada Bible streams their services via live video to their three satellite campuses, which include Knapp Street, Kentwood and East Paris.

At an eight minute drive from Calvin, the East Paris campus is the closest to Calvin students.

Walking through the doors, you’re met with friendly faces, coffee, tea and cookies. Once you’ve gotten your breakfast fix, the service starts with songs of worship: a mix of common hymns and contemporary songs.

Occasionally, the band pauses to read a Bible passage or to view a video testimony, allowing time for individual reflection or prayer. The sermons themselves often follow a pattern: the pastor starts with a relevant anecdote or metaphor to draw members in, then follows by tracing their intro to a verse or passage in the Bible. That verse or passage is frequently the groundwork for the rest of the sermon, supported by other Bible verses.

One of the most unique things about Ada Bible, is their emphasis on teaching – rather than merely preaching.

Instead of simply quoting a verse from the book of Matthew, they project a table of contents for the New Testament, highlighting where Matthew falls in relation to the books that come before or after it, who wrote it and why. Every verse is contextualized through the use of maps, historical events or biblical stories – allowing those new to the Christian faith not only to learn about Jesus, but to understand his presence as a Biblical and historical figure.

In order to break down the sermon into easily digestible parts, the pastors also make sure to highlight three to five main points that churchgoers can walk away with – food for thought until the next time they visit Ada Bible.

A contemporary church that emphasizes establishing personal relationships with God, Ada Bible works to bring preach the Word of God in honest, open and Biblical ways.

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