“KHv-FAR” has a “far-out” victory at the 50th annual Chaos Night


Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van-Reken claims the victory at this year's Chaos Night.

“That 70s dorm” proves it is not only the groovy bell bottoms and flower power head bands of the 70s that can make a comeback. Calvin Knights witnessed the awesome Dudes and Dudettes make a strong comeback from last year’s third place to first place this year. As the iconic Rocky Balboa once said, “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” Cue the Rocky theme song.

Chaos Night, an intense showdown in which all seven dorms faced off for a night of competitive activities, took place on Friday, Sept. 7, 2018. The ultimate prize? Yearlong bragging rights. Participants formed new friendships despite the light-hearted trash talk exchanged, and ultimately a different dorm gained bragging rights at 2018’s Chaos Night.

Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van-Reken resident assistant (RA) Brenna Rivas beamed with pride when asked about how she felt about her dorm’s victory. She said, “Although winning was a wonderful success, the best part of the night was continually seeing KHvR as a united community. From dressing up to even a victory dinner at IHOP, we did it all together. I was so impressed by the residents and the leadership team that pushes me to do my very best as an RA.”

Friday night’s events included tug-of-war, mattress pass, hula-hoop hustle and other games. KHvR took first place with 65 points, the Nautical Sailors of Noordewier-VanderWerp took second with 54 points and the out-of-this-world NASA-themed Schultze-Eldersveld took third.

Jesús Delgado, former KHvR RA and Calvin Alum, said about Chaos Night, “It was surreal to see my old dorm win! It was a great feeling to share this win with the KHvR community. I love the energy and excitement that Chaos Night brings out in the students. For me, it’s an uplifting way to start the year.”

Many expressed surprise at the win. Assistant Director for Campus Involvement Annie Mas-Smith asked, “Has this ever happened?” when she heard the news.

The competition was fierce, but among the dorms, Beets-Veenstra had the most participants. Best dorm decoration went to Boer-Bennink with their Seussical theme. And the Cup of Generosity was awarded to NVW, whose alumni donated most to the Calvin Alumni fund.

At the end of Friday’s events, everyone boogied their way into the night with the Cupid Shuffle.