Walkout remembering Parkland victims held on Calvin’s campus


Photo by Jessica Zylstra.

The Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW) led a walkout at 10 a.m. to 10:17 a.m. on March 14 in honor of the 17 high schoolers killed in the Parkland, Fl. shooting last month. Calvin students, faculty and administration gathered on Commons Lawn for the event in a moment of silence and prayer.

Students nationwide conducted similar walkouts, calling legislators to make the changes necessary to end gun violence in schools and across the country.  

Senior Candace Hoitenga, member of the OSSW, encouraged members present to push for legislative action beyond “thoughts and prayers” — to call up their local representative and demand for change against gun violence.

“The idea of enough is enough is accurate to the situation,” said sophomore Anna Van Wolde, who attended the event. “People are fed up and done with this.”

“With the school walkouts and people talking to legislation, hopefully the change will happen. I’m thankful that Calvin decided to stand up and support … the victims and the families involved.”

Senior Maggie Fayez, also an OSSW member, expressed her gratitude to the multicultural student development office (MSDO) and the Society for Professional Educators at Calvin (SPEC) for sponsoring the event.

“We’ve honestly had nothing but support from them,” she said.

Advocacy cards that were handed out at the walkout are available at the sociology, social work and education departments as well as the MSDO and campus ministries offices.

More information about the nationwide walkouts and opportunities to get involved can also be found here