Knights of Calvin: Brett Avery

Chimes: Introduce Yourself

Avery: Hey, I’m Brett Avery. I’m a junior transfer student and a business finance major with a philosophy minor.


Chimes: What do you love about hockey?

Avery: What I love about hockey is the camaraderie of the team.


Chimes: Why did you choose Calvin?

Avery: What made me choose Calvin is the great academics that the team is renowned for.


Chimes: Why are you interested in your major?

Avery: I’m interested in my major becauses it will help me along my road to a career in law.


Chimes: How do you manage your time as an athlete?

Avery: I manage my time as an athlete by getting homework done whenever I have free time.


Chimes: What activities do you enjoy outside of your sport?

Avery: The activities I enjoy are video games and hanging out with friends.


Chimes: How do you feel about this season?

Avery: I believe we are having a very good season as a whole. We struggled at the beginning but have been performing better as a team.


Chimes: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Avery: Owning my own law practice in 10 years.