Students present research at poster fair


The fair was open to students who completed on and off-campus research over the past summer. Projects spanned across disciplines from 3-D modeling of fossils to chemical analysis. Photo by David Fitch.

Last Friday, students who participated in science research over the past summer presented at the science division poster fair, hosted on four floors of DeVries Hall. Projects ranged widely from study of rain garden vegetation to investigation into habitat fragmentation to math research.  

The poster fair saw a mixed crowd of students, family and professors who were free to wander up and down the flights of stairs under the sunlight of the DeVries Hall entranceway.

Junior Ellie Peterson studied an antibiotic compound developed at the University of Michigan that binds to the outsides of bacteria. Her work, she said, was confined to the lab for months.

“I guess I’m just glad to show my friends what I’ve been doing all summer,” Peterson said.

While some students presented finished research, others presented only one step in the process of research and are currently involved in the work begun in the summer.

Miles Mason, a junior said that he had presented his poster to people from a variety of departments in the science division. He said he enjoyed being able to finally present the work he’d been so heavily involved in after a summer of waiting for reactions to occur in the lab.