CTC receives $19,500 grant


Part of the MCACA grant will be used to fund CTC’s production of “The Arabian Nights,” opening on Friday, Nov. 3. Photo courtesy Calvin Theater Company.

Calvin Theater Company (CTC) recently received a grant of $19,500 from Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA).

Calvin’s application was one of 575 to compete for 2017 MCACA funding. The grant is intended to fund programs throughout the entire season.

MCACA strengthens arts and culture in Michigan by endowing grants. This year alone, MCACA funded $9,736,672 out of $18,211,616 requested by art organizations in Michigan.

According to professor Debra Freeberg, the director of CTC, this grant will be used to support the whole theater season, especially by augmenting the theater faculty. Currently, she is the only theater faculty member at Calvin College, so she hopes that the grants will help her students gain enriching experiences from other experts and professionals.

She also added that it will support promotion of the productions.

CTC’s 2017–18 season is titled “A Season of Love and Forgiveness” and includes productions of “The Arabian Nights,” “The Amish Project” and “Sense and Sensibility.” The theme woven through the three different plays is “how do people truly forgive and love somebody who has harmed them?”

“They are a balance of diverse styles and different types of major literature adaptations that help us vicariously live through characters and enable us to be more empathic towards others who struggle,” said Freeberg.

“The Arabian Nights” is coming up Nov. 3–4 and 9–11. This story, adapted by Dominic Cooke, is about clever Queen Scheherazade who tells vengeful King Shahryar brilliant, intricately-woven stories every night to postpone her execution.

“It is a magic,” Freeberg said. “It is the collection of stories that we’re telling in fantasy nonspecific, and its rich cultural tapestry and stunning visual effects will present you a beautiful work.”