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Dear Op-Ed readers

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Dear student body and Chimes’ dedicated readership,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for an excellent year. All the emails I’ve received and the many conversations that I’ve had, printed or private, have encouraged me and demonstrated to me that Calvin is a place of many perspectives and many convictions.

To my many writers, thank you for the time and dedication you’ve put into your articles and all you’ve invested; from those with whom I agree to those with whom I disagree, it is your hard work that has won my gratitude and respect.

But now I to the many who felt uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and their opinions for fear of what their peers, professors and friends might think or say about them.

I had many conversations with those unwilling to write because they felt their viewpoint wasn’t tolerated or they feared being ostracized for holding viewpoints they considered reasonable or even mainstream. To those who feel this describes them, I have done all I can to encourage them to speak freely and openly in the opinion and editorial section of Chimes.

But to anyone else whose doubts and fears have caused them to pause, I’d encourage you to reconsider despite these doubts. Be bold, fierce, reasonable and professional and remain convicted.

This isn’t just some call for more writers, seeing as the year is coming to close, but a call to be emboldened in your private and public life to stand up for, and defend with civility, the things that you believe need to be said.

Thank you once again for an excellent year. I wish you all success in your upcoming finals and a happy summer vacation.


Op-Ed Editor

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