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Dialogue breaks record twice in a row

Photo courtesy Dialogue

For the first time in years, Dialogue, Calvin’s journal of commentary and the arts, will be increasing the number of copies printed from 1,000 to 1,450. The coming issue is set to release on Thursday, May 5.

Editor-in-Chief Jack Van Allsburg credited the increases to lower printing costs: “We were able to cut costs by almost $3,000 this year by moving to a new printer. We were able to take the money we saved and pour it directly into printing more copies.”

With this issue, Dialogue once again broke submissions records, receiving 388 pieces from 166 students. These numbers improved on both of last issue’s records (374 pieces from 161 submitters).

Van Allsburg praised the work of jurors in the face of this influx. “The jurors had so many pieces to handle, but they really stepped up and gave so much in terms of feedback for submitters.”

The 43 student jurors for the latest issue wrote over 123,250 words (roughly 500 double-spaced pages) of feedback for the writers, artists, photographers and musicians who were rejected. The comments were then curated by Van Allsburg and his staff and sent out with rejection letters. “It’s a pretty huge undertaking,” said Van Allsburg.

Since 1968, the journal has showcased the finest of Calvin’s creative arts, and it continues to be a free publication. Due to high demand for the upcoming issue, however, the magazine is making copies available for reservation. The reserved copies will be set aside for a small $2 donation, paid at the CFAC box office.

Said Van Allsburg, “After three days last semester, we ran out of copies. For this issue, we wanted to make sure copies were getting into the hands of students; to do so we’ve created an opportunity for people to reserve copies by donating $2. Then that money gets put back into printing more copies.

“So far, it hasn’t been a terribly huge success, but it’s a worthwhile experiment.”

The issue will be celebrated with a release party in the Fish House on May 5 at 8 p.m. All students are invited to attend. Students who have work featured in the magazine will be giving readings of their work. In addition, live music will be performed by musicians featured on the mixtape. Free refreshments will also be provided. Copies of the magazine will be available to students for the first time at the release party.

Dialogue looks forward to more years of showcasing student work with Jeff Peterson taking over next year as editor-in-chief and Hailey Jansson continuing in her current role as layout editor.

“This issue is my last, but also the issue I’m the most proud of, in large part because of the people I got to make it with,” said Van Allsburg. “I’m sad to leave, but so excited to see where they take Dialogue next.”

For more information on submissions and a free download of the mixtape go to:   

Reservations for the upcoming issue can be made until May 5 at the CFAC Box Office.


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