Letter to the Editor: Kendrick Lamar

Chimes File Photo

Chimes File Photo

Dear editor,


This letter pertains to the music review, “Kendrick Lamar’s surprise mixtape unsurprisingly provocative,” published in the March 11, 2016, edition of Chimes. Upon reading Nate Hunt’s review of Kendrick Lamar’s newest album, I felt inspired to express my appreciation for recognizing the talent of a true artist like Kendrick. Despite being the newspaper of a Christian institution, you published a glowing review of a rapper who in some faith-based communities might be disapproved of. In Christian circles, Kendrick’s music is often denounced for its explicit lyrics and inappropriate content. However, these self-righteous critics often overlook the messages found behind the song’s numerous expletives and abrasive style. I appreciate that rather than mentioning any of the qualms Christians might have with Kendrick’s music, Hunt draws attention to the rapper’s clever social commentary and irregular beats. I hope Chimes continues to acknowledge artists like Kendrick Lamar, who, despite their intricate masterpieces, are dismissed by some in the Christian community.


Silas Kukaewkasem