Student injured in Korean military accident

Last week, Kevin Lim, a junior engineering major currently serving in the South Korean marines, was severely injured in a vehicle accident during a training exercise. In compliance with the South Korean two-year military service requirement, Lim left Calvin after 2015 spring semester in order to serve with the South Korean marines, planning to return in the fall of 2017 to complete his engineering major.

In response, Lim’s friends and church family have arranged multiple prayer meetings and vigils and have organized a letter-writing event to send support. Lim is currently recovering at the Aju University Hospital, about 20 miles south of Seoul.

“Everyone was shocked. My first response was a lot of shock and disbelief,” said John Bak, a junior philosophy major and close friend of Lim’s.

Prayer has been the most common response, noted Bak. “Because Kevin has such a critical condition, even if we do send letters over it might be difficult for him to get them. We’ve focused on prayer.”

Recently, Lim’s condition has been slightly improving. “The swelling has been going down, but the doctors say it’s still too early to celebrate,” said Bak. Though there have been positive signs in Lim’s condition, he recently contracted pneumonia, which has only added to the complications.

With their strong faith, Lim’s family has responded to the situation with a remarkable sense of peace.

I believe in His faithfulness and almightiness, and therefore I am not afraid even if I walked through the valley of the shadow of death is because I believe He is my Father,” said Lim’s mother in a recent Facebook post. “I look forward to what He has in plan for Kevin.”

“There’s just been a lot of prayer,” emphasized Bak. “Pray for healing so that the doctors can proceed with the surgery. Pray that he won’t have brain damage, pray that his organs will heal and pray that his eyes will be better. We need to pray for his brothers and his parents.”

Yet even with the severity of the situation, Bak has noted that having Lim still with us is nothing short of miraculous. “There is thankfulness as well. The condition is so severe that the fact that he has stayed with us this far is amazing,” said Bak.